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Last night was magic.

A little bit of food, a little bit of coffee, a lotta bit of cute, all topped with French cinema whipped cream and sprinkled with the joy of being with my love.  Yummy!  I know this is a little off topic, but I think it is worth knowing.

I would say that the most notable portion of our evening was spent at the Crest Cinema Center theater in Ridgecrest, Washington.  The plan was to see the new Indiana Jones flick, but when my HTB stumbled across this cute little theater, well, plans changed.  It took a little convincing, as he was craving a pop culture injection, but I’m so glad we did!

Firstly: The theater.  Crest Cinema Center is a quaint little theater tucked ubiquitously into a suburban neighborhood.  We had passed it a couple of times before, noting how incredibly small it looked, but also how cute.  A light blue brick building, straight out of the fifties. 


The interior is decorated simply, and is staffed by several pretty young men.  That’s right, pretty young men. J  There is a wall of actor’s photographs, old and new alike.  I like that bit of detail.

And then there was the movie: Roman de Gare.  An excellent piece of French cinema, and one of the best movies I’ve seen all year.  Maybe the best.  I don’t want to give anything away, so I will just tell you that it is a suspenseful, twisty romance.The poster does it little justice.

The storyline is full of nuances that drags you in to each characters fully believable life.  The cinematography was unique, with great shots showing a perspective on the actors one rarely sees.


And the casting was done really well, each character shining through the actor chosen.  For example, the male protagonist, Dominique Pinon, was an unlikely choice that resulted in a beautiful finished product.

And I really liked Huguette’s mother, this stoic woman farmer.

 Okay, I must admit, I’m not a movie reviewer.  I just want to show you pretty pictures and tell you- Go see this movie!!!


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Today has been a pretty productive day for me. I did a lot of work in preparation for my shop opening on ETSY, on July 1st. Not as much as I could have done, given that I whipped through my goals like nobodies business, and had plenty of time for wasting on the internet.

On a high note- I found the ring I am going to get my fiancée for his wedding ring! I am 100% sure about this one, as it will be a customized ring from a jewelry artisan on ETSY. I can’t post the link or a picture just yet, as darling fiancée reads this blog. But soon, I promise, you will see the beauty!

Speaking of the wedding, I am making my own dress, from scratch, pretty much. It will be a corset top, a puffy tea length skirt and a little bolero/shrug thing, as well as a miniature top hat. All in cabernet, apple green and burnt orange. Yummy. So the corset top is made from a drastically redesigned patter from Simplicity, I think. Redrafted with the help of my future sister in law. This is the final version, after several mockups were made. Not in the wedding fabric, though. Essentially a final mockup.

The front has a simple sweetheart neckline.

The bottom has a dropped waist, which we straightened to create a smoother line.

The back was a modesty flap (not sure what else to call that flap that goes behind the lacing.

The entire thing will be boned with steel boning, and will not have a busk. It will not be a shaping corset, by any means. I happen to like my organs right where they are.

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Today has been slowslowslow…a pretty relaxing day if it weren’t for the niggling sunburn on my shoulders and the wacky stinging back ache. Ah well, nothing some aloe vera and a trip to the chiropractor won’t cure, eh?

We had banana pancakes for breakfast (our new favorites and quickly becoming a breakfast staple), with some True North coffee. For any of you in Seattle, looking for a great cup, you can pick this local roast up at Central Market. So yummy! Better than…well, lets not go there.

A little while back I attacked my stash of goodies- jersey, lace, and buttons, oh my! It began with a great idea, a simple-ish three layer ruffle skirt with a gentle cotton waistband. After arguing with the various fabrics for about three days, and daydreaming of the skirt while I was at work, this is what I ended up with.

poofy skirt front view

A detail of the buttons, sewn onto a length of fabric designed to give the skirt more room for my hips.

button detail

And my flouncy, poofy butt.

poofy butt

A great learning experience, and a terrific skirt, now. But during the process I just wanted to light it on fire!

I’m so glad my fiancée doesn’t let me play with matches.

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Greetings World!

Hello! And welcome to the first installation in the Brown Button Blog! I started sewing again, after a six year hiatus, about two months ago. I find that I have discovered a new passion, an activity rich in creativity and tangibly rewarding (new clothes!).

I have also recently discovered a particular style of clothing that intrigues and fascinates me: Steampunk! Kind of a neo-Victorian, sci-fi feel, replete with ray guns, corsets, and brass goggles.
How can you go wrong with that? So in this blog I will catalogue my sewing/crafty endeavors, my Steampunk education, and, to top it all off, occasional reviews and features on exemplary Etsy sellers. (For those who don’t know, scoot on over to www.Etsy.com and check out the best handmade wares site ever!) I hope you enjoy, and come back for more beauty and creation.

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