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I went to Goodwill on Sunday (gosh, surprise!) hunting for fabric and notions. I’ve been to this particular Goodwill several dozen times over the past six months, and while it is pretty big, I was sure I had at least browsed every section of the store.

I was wrong.

There was still one, lone exception, lying in wait immediately after entering the front door: collectibles. Its very exclusive, they even have their own cash register! Now, I must admit, I was pretty unenthused with the whole bit- old bags, old plates, old shoes, blah blah blah.

My discovery waited for me at the jewelry counter, secure behind a sheet of dirty glass. Cufflinks. Honest to jeebs cufflinks. And an adorable picture to boot.

Crappy crappy picture! Taken on an old camera. I am so used to my HTB’s sexy, super expensive one that this little 3 meg just makes me sad.

I made a couple new pairs of bloomers, but haven’t gotten pictures of them yet. Oi, scheduling. They are fantastic, though, coming soon. They are doubly precious, as they broke a two day creating funk that had begun to get me pretty pissy. After Sunday’s careless hijinks left me with a pair of bloomers with the ruffle sewn on the hip (instead of the leg), Monday gave me huge, puffy, striped bloomers, that are just that side of ridiculous. They look like balloons!

I love sewing. I love making clothes. And the worst thing in the world is failing at a project, wasting a whole days worth of work time when I have such precious little time as it is. But my Tuesday bloomers have wiped the slate clean, and I am eagerly looking forward to an entire day off tomorrow to work for myself, instead of my boss.

Oh, and today I put in the paperwork to open my first retirement fund! Hooray, I’m all responsible and whatnot!


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This was the best Independence Day I have ever had.  Throughout the day I was planning on just staying home and working on some projects, like a new shirt design I’m perfecting. (to be unveiled soon)  It was a nice day all day, and with the windows open, and my HTB playing video games within touching distance, I was happy.  We got some Mike’s hard lemonade, made some French bread pizzas, and decided not to battle with traffic for a few sparly lights.

Until about 8.30, when we began to hear pops in the distance.  Soon, the four of us (me, HTB, SIL and her husband) were gathered on our deck, peering through the crack between apartment buildings at the lake, and the tiny bursts of beauty in the hills beyond.  It was time to head for the roof.

Armed with a beer, and a short sleeved shirt I ventured out, comrades close behind, and rand across the open rooftop to get a better, closer view of the lake.  It was pretty for a while, with over a dozen different shows going on in the hillside on the other side of the lake.  Tiny, but pretty.  Then some neighbors started setting off a few.  Then some guy in a boat started lighting sporadic bits of sparkle.  Then behind us a couple of shows started, slowly at first, but with increasing frequency.  Two of our neighbors joined us about halfway through, but other than that the roof was deserted.

Finally, competely unexpectedly, fireworks started blooming right in front of us.  So close we coulde see the trails of smoke let off by each fresh explosion.  It was one after another after another, as the show behind us started picking up, and another to our right, and yet another to the left!  Our heads whipped around at every pop to catch each new display.  Meanwhile HTB was busy taking time lapse photos, which I now share for your viewing pleasure.


And, on another topic, I have some fun lounging/pyjama pants, made out of an old Mickey Mouse sheet.  So comfy!  I made them with a wide waistband, fashioned from a super soft old tshirt, and lingerie elastic inside.

Have a happy Sunday!

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