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Seattle is finally beautiful again.

After three days of sweltering weather, we have rain. Wonderful, glorious, grey and gloom rain! No more eating popsicles in my underwear, no more heat induced naps at 5.30, no more taking two showers a day. Lovely.

I even ate soup today for lunch! It was great! You see, this is the reason I moved to Seattle. I adore rain, every last, chilly drop of it. When the sun beats down so ferociously that I can’t think or move, I get upset. Conversely, when the wind breathes down so much ice and bitterness that I can’t think or move, well…I guess I just like being able to operate on a human level without much environmental difficulty.

I Just uploaded all my currently listed Etsy items on GoogleBase. I’m not too familiar with it, but I guess it lists everything in Google’s shopping network? Worth a try, as it only took me about ten minutes with the wonderful help of Let’s Ets. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m not feeling too inspired to write right now. How about some pretty pictures instead?


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