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This was the best Independence Day I have ever had.  Throughout the day I was planning on just staying home and working on some projects, like a new shirt design I’m perfecting. (to be unveiled soon)  It was a nice day all day, and with the windows open, and my HTB playing video games within touching distance, I was happy.  We got some Mike’s hard lemonade, made some French bread pizzas, and decided not to battle with traffic for a few sparly lights.

Until about 8.30, when we began to hear pops in the distance.  Soon, the four of us (me, HTB, SIL and her husband) were gathered on our deck, peering through the crack between apartment buildings at the lake, and the tiny bursts of beauty in the hills beyond.  It was time to head for the roof.

Armed with a beer, and a short sleeved shirt I ventured out, comrades close behind, and rand across the open rooftop to get a better, closer view of the lake.  It was pretty for a while, with over a dozen different shows going on in the hillside on the other side of the lake.  Tiny, but pretty.  Then some neighbors started setting off a few.  Then some guy in a boat started lighting sporadic bits of sparkle.  Then behind us a couple of shows started, slowly at first, but with increasing frequency.  Two of our neighbors joined us about halfway through, but other than that the roof was deserted.

Finally, competely unexpectedly, fireworks started blooming right in front of us.  So close we coulde see the trails of smoke let off by each fresh explosion.  It was one after another after another, as the show behind us started picking up, and another to our right, and yet another to the left!  Our heads whipped around at every pop to catch each new display.  Meanwhile HTB was busy taking time lapse photos, which I now share for your viewing pleasure.


And, on another topic, I have some fun lounging/pyjama pants, made out of an old Mickey Mouse sheet.  So comfy!  I made them with a wide waistband, fashioned from a super soft old tshirt, and lingerie elastic inside.

Have a happy Sunday!


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It is the fourth of July. Some of us are stacking hot dogs, some of us are slathering on sunscreen, some of us are pulling up boat anchors. I am staring out the window at a sky of heavy grey clouds, feeling a teeny tiny chill breeze on my bare arms. Its lovely.

But regardless of our choice of entertainment for today I urge each of you to take a moment, and remember what this holiday means: Independence. This commemorates our freedom from the religious oppression of Britain, and oppression that seems almost childish compared to the oppressions overseas, and here, in this great country. Here, where too many of us are afraid to say what we think, or afraid to begin to think. Where religious intolerance hangs out with eco-intolerance and special rights intolerance. Where our government pines, not to take a step back and let you make your own, informed decisions, but to step even closer to your life, to assume another responsibility. That isn’t independence.

In other news- I made my first Etsy sale! Less than twentyfour hours after setting up my shop I made a sale. Now I am playing the waiting game for the next one, sitting with baited breath in front of this screen, hoping.

Here is the coveted article, refashioned from an already cool, but hard to wear 70’s polyester shirt.  You’ve seen it once- here a few more shots.

Being modeled by me.

This is a hand embroidered felt applique. The black and white material on the sleeves has musical notes and instruments.

And a couple of new things I listed recently. This vest is so freaking beautiful! I love it. It has a great flowery/vine stitching detail on the collars, and the ‘pocket’ flaps, and is very fitted, giving you a great, clean, sex-ay shape. Modeled by my SIL. So pretty.

And some of the detailing:

And lastly this cool, comfy shortsleeved shirt.  This used to be a dress, kind of shapeless, made entirely out of this fabric- dollar bills and roses on a black background.  I loved it, but it was really too much.  So I made a skirt (which I kept) and this top.  Yummy puff sleeves made of black knit, and a waistband from the same knit.

Well, there you have it. I hope everyone has a great fourth of July!

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