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Well, its the moment I’ve all been waiting for- my shop on Etsy is finally, officially, irretrievably, fantastically open! I’ve been planning this for about a month now, and after meeting my initial ready items goal I have done some serious slacking off. Naughty me. So I’ve got to get my self back in gear, and back in front of my sewing machine.

Here is a little preview of some of the fine wares I am offering. For more pictures and info you can visit BrownButton.

This is a great little number that I made with my HTB in mind, but it ended up nicely unisex.

Next up is a reclaimed tshirt- I reclaimed it from the boring pile, and added it to the awesome pile!

And lastly a fairly simple little vest made out of this rocking broadcloth that has musical notes and instruments all over it. This is really comfy, as I only added three buttons at the top, so you can eat lunch and not feel tied up afterwards.

There you go, a little sample of what is to come. Its so exciting! There are some really great artisans on Etsy, I’m proud to be among their ranks, in a way. By this time next year I hope to be able to say that, and mean it. Hooray for success!


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Greetings World!

Hello! And welcome to the first installation in the Brown Button Blog! I started sewing again, after a six year hiatus, about two months ago. I find that I have discovered a new passion, an activity rich in creativity and tangibly rewarding (new clothes!).

I have also recently discovered a particular style of clothing that intrigues and fascinates me: Steampunk! Kind of a neo-Victorian, sci-fi feel, replete with ray guns, corsets, and brass goggles.
How can you go wrong with that? So in this blog I will catalogue my sewing/crafty endeavors, my Steampunk education, and, to top it all off, occasional reviews and features on exemplary Etsy sellers. (For those who don’t know, scoot on over to www.Etsy.com and check out the best handmade wares site ever!) I hope you enjoy, and come back for more beauty and creation.

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