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Happy Birthday Caleb!

Tonight we are headed out to Dark Knight to watch Christian Bale’s yummy Batman performance, and the last movie that Heath Ledger made.  You know, pre-OD.  I’m working on a theory that Batman sent him over the edge.  I’ll have more insight after the credits roll, I’m sure.

Anybody know a good recipe for a white frosting?  I’m baking an awesome cake tomorrow, as a celebration for said birthday, and I need the super whitey whitest icing, for this great design I thought up.  Photos forthcoming of course.

Aaaaand, finally, what I’ve been working on: Bloomers!!!  Freaking awesome bloomers, if I do say so myself.

I got a length of this great fabric from Goodwill a few weeks ago.  They had four pieces of it, but I only bought one, wanting to try it out before I made a bigger purchase.  Bad choice.  I love the fabric, but by the time I went back, other people had loved it too.  Boohoo… But these are great!

And then, these uber bright beauties!  I made these out of fabric left over from making my MIL and apron for mother’s day.  I’m not sure how well these baby’s will go over, but I think they are so FUN!

And lastly, a bit mre brown and beautiful.  Not quite as pleasurable to work with as the black pinstriped fabric above, but nice nonetheless.  I’m particularly fond of them without the ribbon in them.  They remind me of an Arabian fairy tale.

Last but not least- I am now a member of the EtsyRain team!!!  Yay!  I love Seattle!  I love Etsy!  Wootwootwoot

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Greetings World!

Hello! And welcome to the first installation in the Brown Button Blog! I started sewing again, after a six year hiatus, about two months ago. I find that I have discovered a new passion, an activity rich in creativity and tangibly rewarding (new clothes!).

I have also recently discovered a particular style of clothing that intrigues and fascinates me: Steampunk! Kind of a neo-Victorian, sci-fi feel, replete with ray guns, corsets, and brass goggles.
How can you go wrong with that? So in this blog I will catalogue my sewing/crafty endeavors, my Steampunk education, and, to top it all off, occasional reviews and features on exemplary Etsy sellers. (For those who don’t know, scoot on over to www.Etsy.com and check out the best handmade wares site ever!) I hope you enjoy, and come back for more beauty and creation.

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